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On the air now! Downtown Weston on AM1620

Community Radio for Weston, Missouri!! Email for more info:

We want your voice on RadioWeston!

Be a star on the radio and record some audio for us! Open the voice recorder app on your phone. Press record! You can use the sample scripts below or make up your own. Get excited, speak loud and clear and record!

Then email the audio to you'll be famous!

Sample 1: Hi this is (name) from (Business) and you're listening to AM 16-20... Radio Weston!

Sample 2: What's up y'all! My name is ______ and this is RadioWeston!

Sample 3: Hi this is _____ and Weston is my home! RadioWeston is my radio station!

Sample 4: Hi this is _________ and I am RadioWeston!